06.30.15New tracks (live raw takes) added

I usually don't like to share raw recordings from the lives, due to no perfect mic setting (PA system) and noise of the venue, but I just found some interesting takes from my Roland mp3 recorder, which captured some fun and spontaneous musical moment happening during the performances and I just love the way my musicians play, they make my music come alive and fresh, so I just uploaded them. I hope you feel connected to the music too. Please enjoy...!

03.16.15Solo album \"Bossa Solstice\"(Hawthplay Records) on progress!!!

In addition to my own produced 2nd EP \"Tabiji (My Journey)\", original jazz, I am working on another new full album (my solo) project, Bossa Solstice\" a full solo album produced by a great flautist/composer/producer/organist/educator Ronald Lashley (Hawthplay Records LLC).
Both album will be completed by this summer, so I\'ll have two new albums to give you at the same time. I can\'t wait to share them with you...!