Ta Bi Ji - My Journey- (Radio Version)Ta Bi Ji ©2015

Ta Bi Ji  ©2015Ta Bi Ji  ©2015

My Shining Hour Ta Bi Ji

Ta Bi JiTa Bi Ji

So Many Stars With A Song In My Heart (2007)

Music by Sergio Mendes
Arranged by Quincy Davis

Akemi Yamada(vocals), Chuck Stevens (guitar), Tal Ronen(bass), Quincy Davis(drums)

Recorded and mixed by Hekiro Matsuoka


Hanasumire (Live at Tomi Jazz June 1, 2015)

My own jazz arrangement (re-composition) of a Japanese imperial song that I grew up with.

Toru Dodo (piano)
Akemi Yamada (vocals)


I Love You (Live at Tomi Jazz June 1, 2015)

Music by Cole Porter
Arrangement(re-harmonization) by Akemi Yamada

Toru Dodo (piano)
Akemi Yamada (vocals)